Invesmart Offers Retirement Plan Sales Tool to Intermediaries

July 27, 2004 ( - Invesmart, Inc is rolling out the firm's Partner Program to help banks and investment advisors deliver institutional quality retirement services to plan sponsors.

Through the Partner Program, Invesmart and its advisory affiliate, Invesmart Advisors, Inc, provide advisors with ongoing monitoring with private-labeled quarterly Investment Monitoring Reports, Investment Policy Statements, marketing support, and comprehensive plan administration and record keeping, according to a news release.   The Partner Program also provides marketing support to help financial intermediaries build their retirement services businesses. Among the services are a training program and in-person sales call support.

Additionally, the program offers a five-step mutual fund screening and due diligence process.   This process screens a universe of approximately 3,000 mutual funds to select a menu of about 80 to 90 funds that are deemed suitable for retirement plans. The funds are then monitored for adherence to the selection criteria, which include consistent and strong long-term performance, competitive expenses, style purity, and benchmark correlation appropriate for participant portfolios.

An important aspect of the monitoring process also includes compliance with the retirement plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Funds not in compliance with the IPS or failing other criteria are put on a Watch List and undergo a formal investment review, which may result in a recommendation for removal from the retirement plan. Changes in style or management may result in a removal recommendation at any time.