Investment Product and Service Launches

Edelman’s program seeks to support employees in their retirement readiness and when they experience a significant life event.

Edelman Expands Financial Wellness Platform with New Program Launch

Edelman Financial Engines has announced the launch of Momentum by Edelman Financial Engines, a new financial wellness platform for the workplace. Momentum builds on Edelman’s 401(k) advice and management services with a set of expanded financial wellness, counseling and planning resources.

Recent Edelman research found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of employees expect their employers to provide access to a financial professional when they experience a significant life event. And while almost 89% of respondents to Edelman said they experienced at least one major personal or professional event during the last five years, 79% confirmed that they hadn’t spoken to a financial professional during those moments. But among those who did, 96% found the interaction to be highly valuable.

Momentum seeks to provide individuals with information and support during such events and milestones. These include significant family or health changes, transitions at work, such as a new job or a promotion, and decisions on saving for college and retirement. The platform features a library of digital content, webinars and educational tools and assessments. Employees also have unlimited access to live, one-on-one counseling and planning sessions with certified Chartered Retirement Planning Counselors and Certified Financial Planners. The program also includes tailored content delivered through employee resource groups and advisers who represent diverse populations. The entire program is fueled by personalized, data-driven communications that support four categories of solutions:

  • Retirement readiness: Edelman’s in-plan advisory services, including digital advice, discretionary 401(k) professional management and access to licensed investment advisers, as well as the firm’s new retirement income service, Income Beyond Retirement;
  • Life’s financial moments: experiences and specialized guidance that address key financial moments, including new hire onboarding and other personal and professional life milestones (family changes, promotions, equity grants and retirement);
  • Everyday wealth and wellness: support for everyday financial questions and needs, including saving, budgeting and debt management, as well as advanced planning assistance; and
  • Diverse employee needs: individualized experiences designed to address more distinct needs across demographic groups, including targeted webinars for employee resource groups and tailored representative counseling support.

Retirement Readiness, Edelman’s flagship retirement advice and management services, will continue to remain available as a standalone offering, while the availability of Momentum’s full suite of services will vary.