Investment Products and Services Launches

Nuveen launches investment trust portfolio, and Wilshire Associates releases ESG-weighted index.

Nuveen Launches Investment Trust Portfolio

Nuveen’s Dynamic Allocation 60/40 Unit Investment Trust Portfolio will seek to provide regular monthly income and capital appreciation by investing in a specially designed portfolio comprised of 60% dividend-paying stocks and 40% fixed-income exchange-traded funds (ETF).

Nuveen says its portfolio consultant team will focus on diversifying across low-correlated asset classes to better endure market volatility and smooth out returns, while still capturing much of the return of an all-stock portfolio.

More information about the Nuveen Dynamic Allocation 60/40 Portfolio is available by clicking here.

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Wilshire Associates Releases ESG-Weighted Index

Wilshire Associates has launched the OWLshares ESG-Weighted U.S. Large Cap Index. Created and owned by New Millennium Macro and calculated by Wilshire, the index is designed to provide a large U.S. market capitalization benchmark for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.

It leverages proprietary OWL ESG scores to weight the performance of a group of approximately 500 U.S. large market capitalization companies, diversified by sector. The proprietary methodology over-weights companies with higher OWL ESG scores and underweights those with lower scores.

“Wilshire Analytics is proud to help bring to market yet another Powered by Wilshire index offering, this time from best-of-breed ESG analytics provider, OWLshares,” says Robert J. Waid, managing director at Wilshire Associates. “Wilshire’s calculation and analytical expertise combined with OWLshares’ growing suite of innovative, proprietary systematic indexes demonstrates the value of a Powered by Wilshire approach which can help fuel new client-driven investment benchmark strategy ideas and bring them to market quickly.”