April 2007

Third Watch

The old saying the "third time's the charm" is frequently a euphemism for situations where the preceding two times were not very successful. However, in the case of this—our third annual "Ultimate PLANSPONSOR Buyer's Guide"—one hopes that it sets a new ¬standard for a concept that has resonated successfully with readers such as you.

Buying Behaviors

Not too long after my first daughter was born, my wife decided that we needed to have a vehicle with four doors.

SDBA: Oiling the Squeaky Wheels

As more plans simplify investment offerings, brokerage windows aimed at more-active participants may see a resurgence

HRO: Outside the Box

HRO benefits from a focus on strategic HR, and a willingness to consider new approaches

Risk: Risk Assessments

Plan sponsors have some new ways to mitigate risk—and some new risks, as well

Stock Plan Administration: Taking Stock

Backdating scandals, new disclosure requirements, and expensing lead employers to take a fresh look at their equity-compensation plan designs