April 2008

PLANSPONSOR 2008 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Master Trust/Custody

Master trust/custody has always been a technology-driven business but, as demand for services by clients increased, the investment capital needed to create new technology increased exorbitantly, and custodians had to make a decision as to whether they wanted to remain in this sector or sell existing businesses to companies willing to make this aspect of the financial services sector a specialized field.

PLANSPONSOR 2008 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Roth 401(k)s

Plans are adding the Roth 401(k) as a feature very aggressively, says adviser Vince Morris, Vice President of Retirement Plan Services at Kansas City-based Bukaty Companies, but not many employees have gone for it.

PLANSPONSOR 2008 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide:Education

With the automated-plan concept taking hold, 401(k) participant education is emphasizing investment-related topics less, says adviser Douglas Prince, Indianapolis-based Managing Director of The Prince Group at Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.

Fourth Coming

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act was nearly 20 years old when PLANSPONSOR debuted as a quarterly publication in 1993.

Utility “Bill”

While it's been a relatively mild winter here, it's been cold enough—and our house old enough—that opening the various utility bills has been akin to a monthly exercise in economic roulette.

2008 PLANSPONSOR Legends Awarads: Larry Fink

In 1987, with some like-minded fixed-income Young Turks, mostly from First Boston, Larry Fink pitched his idea about a new type of asset management firm to a highly respected strategic consultant, Charles Ellis of Greenwich Associates.

Legends: Thomas F. Loeb

These last 15 years have changed the face of asset management: Firms that were boutiques in 1990 are now huge multi-class asset management firms, hedge funds have mushroomed, and strategies that were once cutting-edge are now commonplace.

2008 PLANSPONSOR Legends Awards: Fred Reish

Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohenhe legal profession has its share of detractors—even Shakespeare suggested that we "first, kill all the lawyers"—but, in an arena fraught with concerns about the reach of fiduciary liability, Fred Reish has been a voice of calm and thoughtful reassurance.

2008 PLANSPONSOR Legends Awards: Dr. Shlomo Benartzi

For as long as there have been workplace savings plans, plan sponsors have worried about how best to get participants to take advantage of these programs, a concern that has grown alongside the nation's increased reliance on defined contribution designs.

2008 PLANSPONSOR Legends Awards: Bill Chetney

On a beach in Baja, Mexico, in 2002, Bill Chetney, a free spirit whose unusual career path had included stints as a butcher, an adviser, the build-up and sale of a 401(k) business (ReliaStar Financial Corporation's DC operation to ING), and several months tramping solo around the Antipodes, outlined a vision to a journalist.