PLANSPONSOR 2008 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide:Education

With the automated-plan concept taking hold, 401(k)
participant education is emphasizing investment-related
topics less, says adviser Douglas Prince, Indianapolis-based
Managing Director of The Prince Group at Stifel, Nicolaus
& Co., Inc.

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Fourth Coming

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act was nearly 20 years old when PLANSPONSOR debuted as a quarterly publication in 1993.

Utility “Bill”

While it's been a relatively mild winter here, it's been cold enough—and our house old enough—that opening the various utility bills has been akin to a monthly exercise...
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2008 PLANSPONSOR Legends Awarads: Larry Fink

In 1987, with some like-minded fixed-income Young Turks, mostly from First Boston, Larry Fink pitched his idea about a new type of asset management firm to a highly...
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Legends: Thomas F. Loeb

These last 15 years have changed the face of asset management: Firms that were boutiques in 1990 are now huge multi-class asset management firms, hedge funds have mushroomed,...
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2008 PLANSPONSOR Legends Awards: Fred Reish

Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohenhe legal profession has its share of detractors—even Shakespeare suggested that we "first, kill all the lawyers"—but, in an arena fraught with concerns about...