The Mega 401(k)

Huge 401(k0 plans are using their bargaining power
to get the best advice, pricing, and service. Smaller plans
are beginning to reap the benefits.

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The Biggs Picture

Barton Biggs, chairman of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Investment Management, has long pushed for diversification of pension assets abroad. Now he is convinced the rationale for that is...
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Investment Skinny

Whether it is research, earnings reports, or conference-call Webcasts you are seeking, the Web is rich with offerings
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One Provider, No Waiting

Why the majority of respondents to a new survey are using one vendor to service two or more retirement plans
Participant Roundtable |

Is Fixed In?

Fixed-income investment options--in the shape of Guaranteed Investment Contracts--dominated the defined contribution arena in the 1980s.
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Getting the Word Out

Wayne v. Pacific Bell has employers wondering when to let the cat out of the bag when they make changes to their retirement plans
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HMO Liability Dilemma

A new bill that would allow employees to sue health plans is being widely criticized
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Stepping on Some Toes

Do the SEC's latest ethics proposals improperly encroach on FEC turf?
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Multiemployer Manual

What Taft-Hartley trustees might not know about defined contribution plans
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Cashing Out?

When changing jobs, most 401(k) participants still take the money and run
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The Union Label

Why "conservative" Taft-Hartley plans are increasingly copying their corporate counterparts with self-directed DC options and international investments
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Enter Fidelity

Faced with the prospect of extending its contract with Hewitt, Monsanto decided it was time to take a second look at recordkeeping alternatives
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Customized Options: Will Sponsors Get with the PROgram

Reasoning that not every participant will spend the time, or is capable of making a considered decision about her investment options, Strategic Financial Concepts, a retirement and investment...
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Unilver Case: Miscast?

The new emphasis among British fund managers on risk—and their long-standing preference for active management—are both at the center of an impending court case between the biggest UK...
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Private Equity Squeeze

Pointers for smaller funds wanting to join the private equity party
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Measuring Up

International indices are springing up like mushrooms, forcing plan sponsors to rethink their benchmarks
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Riding On Clinton’s Coat Tails

At the center of Gore's strategy is a Clintonesque approach to use US budget surpluses to pay down the nation's debt
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Routing 401(k) Rollovers

More participants are asking plan sponsors what to do with their retirement proceeds when they retire or leave jobs; vendors are answering the call
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Twin Fiduciaries

The $20 billion Central States Teamsters' pension has been split between two trustees. How will Goldman and JP Morgan fare?
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Furthering Family Leave

Why new legislation is being introduced to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act--and how these provisions will impact plan sponsors
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Come Together

How Rhône-Poulenc is consolidating pension asset management
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Can You Spare a Dime?

Participants are frequently instructed not to borrow from their own 401(k) plans if they can help it. Here is the other side of the coin