January 1997

Unfriendly Skies

Former Pan Am employees are seeking to remove the PBGC as trustee of the bankrupt airline's underfunded pension plan.

Pushing the Limits at Archer Daniels

After a record fine and a record shareholder vote against management's definition of an independent board, what's next for ADM?

Blood Money

An Indiana court orders a private plan sponsor to pay a preretirement annuity to the widow-and murderer-of one of its participants.

Local Investor

How the Retirement Systems of Alabama lent the state a hand to lure a new Mercedes plant-and made a nice profit for itself.

Debbie Boyer, Evans Hotels

Most employers find it tough enough to get employees excited about a 401(k) plan. Picture trying to build their enthusiasm when many of your employees do not speak English.

Minorities Receive Smaller Pensions

Poor pension coverage among non-white workers threatens to create more impoverished retirees in the decades ahead. How did this happen, and what can employers and government do about it?

AT&T Severed Connections

Was AT&T's billion pension split-up a better deal for new AT&T than for Lucent? A union says yes, charging breach of fiduciary duty.

Managing for Two

ATTIMCO will run both the AT&T and Lucent pension funds for now. But the AT&T subsidiary sees potential for more business from plans that want to outsource.

Roundtable: You and Your Vendor

Outsourcing retirement and benefit plan functions only works if the employer's relationship with its vendors work. Plan Sponsor asked three companies how links to their outsourcing providers helped them to achieve their goals.

Outsourcing: Why They Did It

Cost and staff reductions, better service, and refocusing on core activities were among the goals that drew three companies to outsourcing.

Prudent Experts

Can not using derivatives to achieve its objectives put a plan sponsor at risk of a lawsuit?

ERISA Online

New Web sites give pension officials the latest legal, regulatory changes electronically

Old Masters Vs. Blue Chips

The British Railways Pension Fund is selling off its unusual portfolio of art and antiques.

Risky Business

How some plan sponsors cope with withdrawal and market risk of synthetic GICs

Cost Cut

Despite recent slashing, will the long decline in core custody fees soon reverse itself?