July 1995

Slow Learners

Editorial Comment: Risk and Derivatives

The ETI War Heats Up

Saxton's bill banning ETIs for ERISA plans gains some powerful supporters.

Dead Souls

Where do pension benefits go when the beneficiary cannot be found? A DoL opinion comes down on the plan sponsor's side

Senator Simpson vs. the AARP

A highlight of the summer political season is the senator's fight against the powerful retirees' group.

Absolute Discretion

A new case underscores the importance of giving ERISA plan administrators absolute discretion to interpret the plan.

Global Angst

International equities have not produced the returns-or the diversification-that were expected of them. Yet plan sponsors continue to send new money overseas in bulk. Here's why.

New Voices in the Proxy Wars

Public funds are not the only activist shareholders anymore. Taft-Hartley funds are using their proxies vigorously to push corporate governance concerns. Corporate plans are showing interest now, too.

Third Party Providers

Plan sponsors and money managers have come to depend on these firms for proxy research, recordkeeping, advice, and voting services.

Survival Tests

Why high interest rates did not kill GIC pools

Prarie Justice

Saskatchewan mandates benefits for part-time employees

Wanted: A Clearinghouse for 401(k) Trades

The Investment Company Institute is putting together an initiative to create an electronic clearinghouse that would relay information back and forth between mutual funds and 401(k) plans.

Revolutionizing the Master Trust RFP

The request for proposal has long been a standard part of the process for selecting a master trustee or custodian in North America. Over the years, however, the RFP process has also become increasingly burdensome for both buyers and sellers of custody services. The result is a pressing need to seriously reevaluate what the RFP process is intended to achieve, and to determine whether the current approach could be usefully amended to make the process easier and more effective for all parties.