June 2001

Survival Of The Fittest

The year 2000 certainly put defined contribution recordkeepers, plan sponsors and, most of all, participants to the test

The Great Divide

The majority of your workforce will not know what to do with stock "Folios," or even brokerage windows for that matter. Many are still puzzling over the basics

The Recordkeeping Paradox

Recordkeepers are entitled to fair compensation for the services they provide-and they should not have to resort to creative accounting to get paid for those services

Nothing Doing

Why inertia is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to participant transfer activity

ERISA Rules!

The US Supreme Court finds that the federal pension statute takes precedence in deciding who receives a deceased worker's pension and insurance

Actuarial Deficit

LACERA claims a 20-year actuarial miscalculation cost it more than $2 billion in lost contributions

Lose Some

Claims that Unisys broke promises to retirees over medical benefits will be heard in federal court

Win Some…

Unisys Master Trust wins a significant victory in court against John Hancock

Net-Based Hybrid

Will personalized stock "Folios" be appropriate for some of your plan participants?

Opening The Window

Self-directed brokerage accounts catch on with more employers

The PEORP Pact

To bundle or unbundle? Florida's innovative compromise on how to structure its new defined contribution plan


Newest nondiscrimination rules usher in a new set of compliance standards for health and wellness plans

The Case For Child Care

Finding a formula to improve tax credits for employers that offer child-care facilities and services

Bond Guru

Until people really start saving, the Fed will not be able to manufacture an economic turnaround, says PIMCO's fixed-income prodigy

Reversal Of Fortune

PBGC status as fiduciary in Pan Am case will be reviewed by New York's highest court

Designing Woman

DK lends its pared-down fashion sense to (k) plan materials

Undivided Loyalty

Are your consultants and money managers compromising your plan's integrity?

Rocket Man

Wilshire Associates founder Dennis Tito may have more of a stomach for the investment business than he does for space travel-however much he loved venturing "where no [business]man had gone before." Tito, the founder, president, and chief executive officer of Santa Monica, California-based Wilshire, made headlines in late April when he paid $20 million for the chance to blast off with the Russians as they took a lifeboat to the International Space Station.

From Hands-On To Hands-Off

Looking for a better risk-reward tradeoff and better processes, a utility adopts a manager-of-managers program

Enhanced Indexing

Scientific investing moves away from its benchmark only when research demonstrates that the additional returns justify the added risk

Plane Speak

For 13 years, Nick Lopardo has been at the helm of State Street Global Advisors' enviable growth. Now what?

Investment Primer

Market turbulence provides plan sponsors with a distinctive opportunity to educate participants on saving for the future and on the basics of investing

The PBGC – Friend or Foe

A look at the way plans deal - or avoid dealing - with the PBGC when merging with other plans and the effort by the PBGC to reach out to plan sponsors

Headache For Retiree Health Care

Legislation, regulation, and more litigation are three of the options that plan sponsor advocates are considering in the wake of the US Supreme Court's recent decision not to review Erie County Retirees Association v. County of Erie. The decision lets stand a ruling by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals last August that Medicare-eligible retirees are entitled to sue under the Older Workers' Benefits Protection Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) when they receive less extensive health-care benefits than the same employer's non-Medicare-eligible retirees (see "Curtains for retiree health?" October, 2000).