In Defense of Barbara Boxer

When the market mushrooms for any type of investment
vehicle, the effect is like putting it under a microscope:
Warts become craters, and finding a way to remove the
blemishes suddenly is embarrassingly urgent.

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Bay State to Centralize Retirement Plans?

Massachusetts lawmakers want to abolish county-level government, a move that could transfer millions in public retirement money to the PRIM fund.
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IRS Looks Abroad

Does your company sponsor a deferred compensation trust for foreign employees? A big new tax liability could be on the way.
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Retiree Activists Target Companies

A successful push to win benefit adjustments for some GE retirees boosts a new coalition of retiree activists, unions, and advocacy groups.
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Going Paperless

If the IRS would just change a few rules, pension administration could become a lot cheaper, say groups lobbying for a change.
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Christopher Ailman

Chief investment officer, Washington State Investment Board
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Prosperity Up North

In contrast to their US colleagues, Canadian plan officials-both corporate and public-saw healthy increases in compensation last year.
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A Wake-up Call From FASB

FASB wants to give investors and analysts a bigger voice in setting accounting standards. But can the standards board convince plan sponsors to pay attention to a process...
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FASB Looks at Pension Plans

FASB is kicking off its review of the major footnotes on financial reports with a proposal to revamp pension information included in them.
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Outgrowing the Old Definitions

Savvy defined contribution plan participants want more detailed information about their increasingly complex stable value options. Plan sponsors and providers are starting to oblige them.
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How Participants Think

Plan sponsors and providers have pushed participants energetically to invest in equities. But some participants may have good reasons for favoring stable value funds instead.
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Remote Control

The Alaska Permanent Fund creates state-of-the-art MIS and investment data systems
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Price War?

Index fund providers are slashing fees in an effort to grab market share from leader Vanguard
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MetLife/UAM Alliance

Creating a more "institutional" defined contribution plan provider
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Improved Prognosis

Managed care is pushing down retiree health plan costs, more employers are finding.