May 2007

The Right Things

Plan sponsors are charged with a singular mission: to do everything they do regarding plan assets with the best interests of the plan participants and beneficiaries. It is a directive that goes to the very heart of fiduciary responsibilities.

The 80/20 Rule

Sooner or later in your career, you are exposed to the 80/20 rule or, as purists term it, the Pareto principle.

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May 2007

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An Advice Road Map

If you intend to provide your 401(k) participants with investment advice under the Pension Protection Act (PPA) model, get ready to do some digging.

Free Forms

When a "free" round of golf isn't free

Fees Ability

How to look at fees and expense.

Stayin’ Alive

Legislative changes and capital markets realities mean new investment strategies are emerging to help make sure defined benefit plans remain healthy.