October 1994

Suddenly on the Fast Track

Now attached to a fast-tracked GATT treaty, PBGC reform has a chance to pass this year. But pension lobbyists, and some powerful legislators, do not like the package.

Eyes on the Prize

Outsourcing comes to the Swedish institutional market, as the Nobel Foundation boosts its international investments and hires a stable of foreign-based managers to run them.

Phantom Workforce

Employers who use part-time and other contingency workers can realize huge pension and benefits savings. But the legal requirements are complex, and government increasingly frowns on the practice.

1994 Honor Roll of Pension Plan Sponsors

Plan Sponsor's first survey of corporate pension sponsors reveals that corporate performance and pension plan performance need not be closely related

The Project Pension Courtship

Pension sponsors are being courted hard by governments and other infrastructure project backers. But it may take much more to pry their dollars loose.

LACERA Gets Aggressive

Los Angeles County employees hope that a pension obligation bond, plus a more aggressive asset allocation strategy, will bring financial health to their plan.

Clearing the Air on ETIs

After releasing a new interpretive bulletin on ETIs, Labor Department officials hope they have laid pension sponsors' fears to rest about how these investments affect their fiduciary duties

Homes Away from Home

Cautiously, US pension funds are beginning to invest in overseas real estate. Most favor commingled funds, and the UK is the most popular market thus far.

The End of the Line

CALPERS is looking at slimming down its weighty RFP questionnaires and relaxing aspects of its screening process.

Going to the Voters

Public pension issues will be debated in several key state races this fall.

Daily Valuation Dilemma

Daily valuation is now wildly popular. Some some worry that it raises costs, adds new recordkeeping stresses, and, possibly, harms investment performance.

Hunting for Returns

The Illinois Teachers fund juggles three distinct overlay strategies to control its currency exposure and minimize downside on its stocks and bonds.

A Wider Gateway

New IRS regulations are intended to make it easier for employers to provide different benefits packages for separate lines of business. Yet significant problems still exist, critics say.

Taming OTC Derivatives

Washington is abuzz with talk of how to prevent more OTC derivatives disasters. But for pension sponsors, the key may be to get a better understanding of this murky market.

Plan Sponsor 1994 Global Custody Survey

State Street and Chase take the top spots in the 1994 survey of global custody services. Meanwhile, a select group of European providers appear to be catching up to the dominant US banks.