October 1998

What Selloff?

The Dow's descent in the third quarter caused a flurry of 401(k) transfer activity, but a relatively small amount of assets fled equities for safer territory

Mercer Forum Is Manager Funded

Mercer's global investment forum is drawing some of investment management's biggest luminaries. But does it give them an unfair advantage?

To Know Your Managers…

is to understand the nature of their non-compete agreements, a ruling in favor of Wellington Management suggests

Risk and the 401(k) Investor

A revered economist tells why 401(k) investors are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to sophisticated portfolio analysis: Q&A with William Sharpe Economist, Nobel Laureate

Remaining Neutral

There is a place for market neutral strategies in your investment portfolio, plan sponsors say--but watch out for shoddy imitations

Another Ounce of Prevention

California lawmakers have approved legislation designed to stamp out influence peddling at public funds

Sizing Up Vendor Relationships

Seeking an accurate measure of your outsourcer's effectiveness? Make sure to consider your vendor management style, as well

Whose Surplus Is It?

Supreme question: Can workers who help to fund a defined benefit plan keep excess funds for themselves?

Stable Value Thinks Small

Now even the smallest 401(k) plans can take advantage of the latest stable value innovations

Leak-Proofing Your Plan

Loan provisions increase 401(k) participation and contributions. But is "leakage" ruining your best-laid plans?

Bermuda’s Retiree Health Care

The IRS has given the high sign to a process that lets employers self-insure retiree health liabilities--and profit from the experience

Four Dirty Secrets

What every plan sponsor needs to know about asset allocation's limitations as a tool for effecient portfolio design