Framing Success

What defines a good, or great, retirement plan? And how is a plan determined to be successful? Our PLANSPONSOR awards programs—Plan Sponsor of the Year and Best in Class 401(k) Plans—purport to answer those questions each year through both qualitative and quantitative measures, respectively. Beyond that, answering those questions is the core goal for the…

Alison Cooke Mintzer (photo by Chris Ramirez)
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Rules & Regulations

Rule Could Increase Plan LeakageIRS rules regarding hardship withdrawals from 401(k) or 403(b) plans cover two areas, says Amy Ouellette,...
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DC Plans Are Slow to Adopt Hybrid QDIAs

Just as defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors were once concerned about automatically enrolling employees in the plan when they didn’t actively select it, they have hesitations about using...
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Embracing ESG TDFs

Many plan sponsors fear being a trendsetter, but United World College-USA is proud of using ESG investing themes in its...
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The Inventor of Index Funds

Jack Bogle set out to prove that mutual funds could operate independently, and do so in a manner that would directly benefit their shareholders; he said this was...
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Speaking the Same Language

Millennials in particular found some terms difficult to understand, such as: 63%Millennialrespondents 44%Total respondents 88%Millennialrespondents 76%Total respondents Plan participant Defined contribution retirement plan According to survey responses*, participants’...
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Talking Points

Strategies to Manage Retirement Timing Source: Willis Towers Watson, 2018 Longer Working Careers Survey Baby Boomers vs. Generation X What each group has saved or plans to save...
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Asset Consolidation

Facilitating participant roll-ins allows for a realistic view of retirement savings.
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2019 Plan Sponsors of the Year

The Plan Sponsor of the Year annual award program recognizes retirement plan sponsors that show a commitment to their participants’...
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2019 Best in Class 401(k) Plans

PLANSPONSOR is pleased to announce the fifth “class” of companies winning the Best in Class 401(k) Plan designation. Plans were...
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Plan Defense

Delegating tasks to a 3(16) administrator can keep a plan ‘clean.'
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Picture Yourself

Behavioral strategies to make that future time seem more real.