September 1998

The Costs of Viagra

What plan sponsors don't know about Pfizer's impotency fix can hurt them

Long-Term Bet On Global Debt

A great believer in diversification, Cox's assistant treasurer is taking its pension fund in new directions while taking care not to "bet the farm" on any one of them

Going for Broke

America's romance with employee ownership leaves 401(k)s dangerously overweighted in company stock

Lean On Me

Downsizing and increasing competition mean plan sponsors need more from consultants

M&A’s Impact on DC Plans

This Strategic Focus is part of a continuing series examining issues that affect defined contribution and defined benefit plan design.

Is There Life After REITS?

Dutch Pension Fund PGGM infuses cash into Cornerstone REIT to finance acquisition of William Wilson & Associates

Bye, Bye Mickey

Texas board washes its hands of Disney stock--and opens Pandora's Box

Flirting With The Bull

Plan sponsor reps say the PBGC needs to put more into stocks--so it can afford to charge a lower premium

There Goes The Neighborhood

More public pension plans are seen investing in local, low-income mortgages as insurance options improve

The Hard Facts on Soft Dollars

As the SEC and DoL contemplate disciplining the soft dollar, plan sponsors are taking care of the problem their own

To Err Is Human

The Internal Revenue Services has slashed penalties for pension plan gaffes under its brand-new and "audit-free" self-correction program

Blue Collars Take Charge

Previously leery, Taft-Hartley trustees are slowly embracing defined contribution plans with individually-directed investments

Following FASB

Why international benefit accounting standards may soon look more like the ones here at home

From New Deal to Raw Deal

Why Uncle Sam should not become the largest single investor in corporate America