The Costs of Viagra

What plan sponsors don’t know about Pfizer’s
impotency fix can hurt them

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Courting Better Boardroom Behavior

Three mammoth pension systems hope to become co-lead plaintiffs in a class action suit against Cendant Corporation
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Long-Term Bet On Global Debt

A great believer in diversification, Cox's assistant treasurer is taking its pension fund in new directions while taking care not to "bet the farm" on any one of...
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Going for Broke

America's romance with employee ownership leaves 401(k)s dangerously overweighted in company stock
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Lean On Me

Downsizing and increasing competition mean plan sponsors need more from consultants
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M&A’s Impact on DC Plans

This Strategic Focus is part of a continuing series examining issues that affect defined contribution and defined benefit plan design.
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Is There Life After REITS?

Dutch Pension Fund PGGM infuses cash into Cornerstone REIT to finance acquisition of William Wilson & Associates
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Bye, Bye Mickey

Texas board washes its hands of Disney stock--and opens Pandora's Box
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Flirting With The Bull

Plan sponsor reps say the PBGC needs to put more into stocks--so it can afford to charge a lower premium
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There Goes The Neighborhood

More public pension plans are seen investing in local, low-income mortgages as insurance options improve
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The Hard Facts on Soft Dollars

As the SEC and DoL contemplate disciplining the soft dollar, plan sponsors are taking care of the problem their own
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To Err Is Human

The Internal Revenue Services has slashed penalties for pension plan gaffes under its brand-new and "audit-free" self-correction program
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Blue Collars Take Charge

Previously leery, Taft-Hartley trustees are slowly embracing defined contribution plans with individually-directed investments
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Following FASB

Why international benefit accounting standards may soon look more like the ones here at home
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From New Deal to Raw Deal

Why Uncle Sam should not become the largest single investor in corporate America