Jiff, Mercer Team on Health Benefits Platform

A strategic collaboration between Jiff and Mercer has produced a personalized health benefits platform. 

Health Pathfinder, a collaborative effort by Jiff and Mercer, aims to help employers cultivate healthier workforces by leveraging the latest health management solutions to cut health care costs and cultivate more engaged employees.

Mercer says engaging design, personalized health assessments and an easy-to-navigate user experience drive utilization of the right health care services, to the right people, at the right time.

Using a range of custom-designed health applications, including Mercer-specific plug-in products and content, Health Pathfinder by Mercer will provide instant feedback and rewards to employees who use the system. Individualized incentives motivate employees through a smart, points-based rewards system. The product will encourage actions that help employees use their health care benefits.

According to Derek Newell, chief executive of Jiff, the rising number of innovative health solutions— from transparency to telehealth—has made employers more aware that they get the most out of their health benefits programs when they become stewards for employees, helping them navigate a complex set of benefits. Health Pathfinder is designed to change the health benefits landscape by facilitating personalized benefits to help employees reach their health goals, which in turn should reduce employer costs. “The days of one-size-fits-all health benefits are over,” Newell said in a statement.

The explosion of health and well-being solutions in the past five years has left employers scrambling to manage it all, noted Cheryl Mealey, a principal in Mercer’s total health management solutions division. The collaboration gives Mercer’s clients a way to integrate their benefit solutions, personalize workforce programs and incentives, motivate employees to engage with the solutions, and measure what works.

Jiff, based in Mountain View, California, is the creator of an enterprise benefit platform that integrates all the vendors employees have in place. Mercer is a global consultant in talent, health, retirement and investments.

More information is available on Jiff’s website.