Job Applicants Fib on Resumes

April 1, 2002 ( - Nearly half the information supplied on employment applications differs from that supplied by past employers, a study from ADP Screening and Selection Services from Avert shows.

Of the 44% of candidates who’s job application information differs from that provided by their previous employers, in 13% of the cases, those variances had to do with negative evaluations from an old boss or dealt with the applicant’s work habits, behavior, or termination.

ADP’s Hiring Index also found the 23% of information about the applicant’s professional credentials differed from the data directly supplied by the credential provider. In 4% of the cases, the discrepancies dealt with a disciplinary action or a complaint against the candidate’s license.

The survey also found that:

41% of education records directly provided by applicants’ schools differed from the information provided by the candidate,

41% of applicants weren’t honest about having at least one moving violating or drunk-driving conviction on their driving record – in 13% of the cases, applicants had four or more such infractions,

5% of applicants had a criminal record in the last seven years, and

More than a third or, 33%, of applicants had credit records showing a judgment, lien or bankruptcy, or had been turned over to a collection agency

ADP’s Hiring Index is based on calculations of the 2.6 million background verifications performed during 2001.

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