JPMorgan Unveils PE Tracker

April 1, 2008 ( - JPMorgan has launched DealVault, a new technology that tracks private equity investments valuations, performance, risk and exposure analysis globally.

According to the announcement, JPMorgan Private Equity Fund Services (PEFS) developed DealVault to provide CFOs, deal and investor relations professionals with an advanced platform to centralize volumes of deal tracking information.   DealVault integrates with accounting and back office systems, providing private equity investment professionals with one platform to administer every aspect of a private equity investment’s lifecycle.

Tools “Set”

The company says that DealVault arms private equity investment professionals with new tools to:

  • Store portfolio company information in a web-based solution accessible globally
  • Package information in an audit-controlled environment favored by auditors
  • Facilitate ongoing independent reviews valuations, performance against investment thesis and trend analysis
  • Reduce time spent aggregating and reconciling volumes of data tracking data

James Hutter, Global Business Executive of JPMorgan PEFS, said: “DealVault is the industrial strength tool the private equity investment industry has been waiting for, particularly given valuation concerns in today’s volatile market. The industry now has a dynamic, efficient and fully integrated solution that provides the controls and security that deal professionals and financial executives need.”

JPMorgan PEFS provides a suite of administration services to private equity investment firms, real estate firms and institutional investors.   JPMorgan PEFS currently services more than 200 funds representing $50 billion in committed capital, and serves the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors with $110 billion in aggregate committed capital across thousands of private equity investments.   PEFS has more than 160 professionals, with locations in New York, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas.

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