Kentucky AG Orders Release of Retirement System Salaries

April 8, 2011 ( – Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has ordered Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) to release its current payroll records to a state retiree.

The system refused February 10 when state retiree Eva Smith-Carroll of Frankfort filed a request for its “current payroll records” under the Kentucky Open Records Act. According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, KRS told Smith-Carroll her request was “unduly burdensome.” Additionally, KRS cited a state law shielding certain information about individual pension accounts and said it prohibits disclosure of KRS salaries.  

The news report said Conway, whose opinions carry the force of law in open records cases, disagreed with KRS said “the public is entitled to know who works for (KRS) and how much they earn.”  

KRS can appeal the case to Franklin Circuit Court.