Kentucky to Finally End Confederate Pension Program

March 22, 2012 ( – A Kentucky Senate committee voted unanimously to do away with the state’s Confederate Soldiers Pension Fund.

The committee voted 7-0 to strike from state law all of Section 206, which offers a $50-per-month pension for Civil War veterans and their widows, and a $100 death benefit to help pay for burials, reports The Courier-Journal of Louisville.  

State Representative Adam Koenig, the bill’s sponsor, said no one has drawn on a Confederate pension in Kentucky for “well over 50 years,” and the fund has been empty for years. 

According to The Courier-Journal, Koenig took a little ribbing from his colleagues. “Are you sure you’re not being a little bit premature?” asked State Senator Jimmy Higdon. “Did you send out any public notices or anything like that that would make sure that at least we have some constructive notice for those who just might have exceeded the limits that we think one might live?” asked State Senator Gerald Neal. 

But, Koenig fired back: “I just wanted to be able to send you all home and say that you did some pension reform,” after noting that the legislature can’t come to terms on revamping the state pension programs that have huge unfunded liabilities (see “Ky. Retirement Systems Call on State for Higher Contributions”).