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A Critical Mass

Highlights of BrightScope’s proprietary research.

Annuities Favored by The Young

Forty-two percent of consumers in a LIMRA SRI study said they were open to the idea of annuities, and 61% say having enough money to last through retirement years is their single most important objective for their assets in retirement.

Save While Paying Off Debt

Workers facing debt payments must also prioritize long-term savings, as difficult as this may seem.
Art by Wren McDonald

When a Part-Timer Is Hired Full Time

When a part-time or seasonal employee is hired full-time, past service, plan document provisions and the law are critical to determining retirement plan eligibility and vesting.
Art by Peter Ryan

Fragmented Savings

Many near-retirees have retirement savings spread across accounts.
Art by Haleigh Mun

Let It Grow

ESG is popular among younger workers but raises process questions.
Art by Chris Buzelli

Digital Engagement

A plan sponsor improves participant engagement via web tools.
Art by Lily Padula

Roth Conversions

Time is a key factor in when—or whether—to convert assets.

Talking Points

Recent news, findings and statistics affecting the retirement industry.
Art by Sarah Mazzetti

Making It Last

Employees need to consider questions about saving and life expectancy.