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Top-Notch Call Centers

Sponsors should invest the time to confirm that their plan’s call center strategy fulfills the reason that they have a call center.
Alison Cooke Mintzer (photo by Chris Ramirez)

Symbiotic Relationships

Congratulations to this year’s crop of PLANSPONSOR of the Year winners and finalists!

Age and Assets

The age group with the most investable assets is 55 – 64 years, with $16 trillion.

Compliance Update

Summaries of the latest news from Washington and the courts.
Art by Ben Boothman

Managed Accounts

Considering the funds’ capabilities, why aren’t plan sponsors listening?
Art by Katherine Streeter

Rising Costs

PBGC premiums are high, but there are ways to control them.
Art by Joe Ciardiello

Cyber Risks

Electronic recordkeeping raises concerns.

Index Fund Usage Increases in 401(k)s

Index Fund Usage Increases in 401(k)s Percentage of plan assets in index funds 2006 2015 >$10mm – $50mm 8.1% 14.4% >$50mm – $100mm 10% 16% >$100mm – $250mm 12.3%...

A Bellwether

The choice of plan design elements adopted by plan sponsor nominees slowly evolves each year and acts as a bellwether for retirement plan growth overall.

2018 Plan Sponsors of the Year

Honoring the winners of the nine categories of plans: five segments of corporate 401(k); two segments of nonprofit DC; public DC; and TRO.
Art by Bill Meyer

2018 PLANSPONSOR Service Stars

Before selecting a new recordkeeper, plan sponsors need to gain a good understanding of the processes and procedures that providers would bring to their plan.