Manning & Napier Launches ETF-Based TDFs

June 26, 2012 ( - Manning & Napier launched the Manning & Napier Goal Collective Investment Trust (CIT) Funds, a suite of ten actively managed target-date funds (TDFs) which will invest in a variety of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The funds provide an opportunity for active management at a lower cost structure while maintaining diversification of asset classes, market sectors and securities through ETFs.  

The funds range from an income fund to a 2055 fund and will be built using the same active asset allocation approach the company has implemented for more than 40 years. The active approach allows for flexibility to shift portfolio assets away from over-valued sectors and towards areas of lower risk. Utilizing a team-based investment strategy, the Goal CIT Funds will be overseen by the Company’s Senior Research Group.   

The funds will be offered with an expense ratio of 0.34%, excluding ETF fees. The Goal Funds will initially be offered with a single, no revenue share unit class (U Class) to meet the needs of plan sponsors who desire the highest degree of fee transparency.   

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