Manulife Unveils GIC Products for Canadian Market

December 2, 2002 ( - Manulife Investments is now offering a family of guaranteed interest contract (GIC) instruments available to Canadian investors through financial advisors.

According to a Manulife announcement, Canadians can start with a basic GIC account and then add specialty laddered and escalating-rate options within one contract.

The company said many financial advisors recommend clients selecting fixed-term instruments choose a variety of investment terms so a portion of the portfolio renews each year at the current prevailing rate – a technique known as laddering.

The minimum investment is $5,000, Manulife said.

The company said the   new Manulife Investments GIC also offers:

  • a half-year rate bonus for adding six months to a standard-length term on the basic accounts
  • 30-day rate guarantees on new investments
  • 30-day “better- of” rate guarantees for renewals.