MassMutual Announces Revised Fiduciary Guide

June 28, 2012 ( – To help retirement plan fiduciaries navigate the maze of changing regulatory requirements, MassMutual's Retirement Services Division updated its fiduciary guide.

The 2012 Guide serves as a detailed toolkit to assist plan fiduciaries in determining their status and understanding their responsibilities. It helps them identify and undertake required actions, employ practical suggestions to keep their plan on track and fulfill their obligations, and consider voluntary actions they can take to improve their plan and mitigate risk.

“Plan fiduciaries play the lead role in safeguarding the rights of plan participants,” says Eric Leverson, assistant vice president with MassMutual Retirement Services. “With this important role, we want them to understand they are not alone when facing today’s maze of regulatory requirements. MassMutual’s ERISA [Employee Retirement Income Security Act] Advisory Services team offers ready access to knowledge and experience fiduciaries can use to help effectively manage their retirement plans.”

MassMutual is also offering a fiduciary calendar, which includes important deadlines and information about new requirements.

More about the Guide is here.