Men above Women in Online World

March 13, 2002 ( - A new study suggests that there is still a pronounced gender difference among Internet users with male Web surfers largely holding professional or executive jobs while women online were mostly in clerical or administrative posts.

According to the study by Nielsen//NetRatings, an Internet measurement service, 49.8% or 12.2 million of the men online in January 2002 were from the executive ranks compared with a third or 5.5 million women.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of clerical workers online during the period were women while just 3.5% or 862,000 of the males worked as clerks.

Women also lag behind their male counterparts in terms of Internet usage at work, according to the Nielsen//NetRatings data. The woman are largely much less aggressive Web surfers, initiating 11% fewer online sessions in January, spending 18% less time on the Internet, and viewing 13% fewer Web pages compared to men.