Mercer Creates New Retirement Service Center

August 9, 2005 ( - Mercer Human Resource Consulting LLC will consolidate its retirement services operations into a new division to be launched in October called The Retirement Service Center.

Among its other services, Mercer develops and administers retirement programs, the bulk of which are defined-benefit pension plans.   Business First reports that currently retirement service processes are shared by 40 Mercer offices across the US.   The lack of uniformity caused by this job sharing and the fact that employees were frequently pulled from the work to do other projects prompted the firm to create a single entity for those operations.  

The company has chosen Louisville, Kentucky as the home for its new service center, according to the news report.   Louisville already houses one of Mercer’s largest operations and is home to a large concentration of information technology workers who oversee the firm’s global IT systems.   The company plans to leverage those IT resources with the new service center.

Mercer already has a development team in place to establish processes for the new division, set standards, and create a culture unique to the Retirement Service Center, according to Business First.

Keith Hartsough has already been hired as chief operating officer of the Retirement Service Center.   Hartsough was previously an employee in Mercer’s Denver office.