Mercer Offers New Enrollment Solution to Small Employers

June 3, 2010 ( - Mercer has announced a new solution that provides online benefits enrollment services for small employers, generally with fewer than 1,000 employees.

As companies are facing additional benefit enrollment challenges as a result of health care reform, Mercer EnrollNet assists employers by providing a portal for employees to elect benefits, as well as the ability to communicate benefit elections to insurers and gather the necessary information for completing payroll deduction changes, Mercer said.   

Mercer EnrollNet is bundled as part of Mercer Single Source 1, Mercer Administration’s human resource outsourcing, administration and call center support solution. It is also offered as a standalone option and can be bundled with carrier communication services, which allows Mercer to communicate enrollment data from Mercer EnrollNet to the appropriate carriers.  

“Designed to help employers provide a paperless benefits enrollment to employees at a lower cost and in a shorter timeframe than traditional online enrollment, this resource offers a better employee experience while increasing our effectiveness as an outsourced HR solution for small businesses, said Dave Rahill, senior partner and US business leader for Mercer’s Health & Benefits business, in the announcement.  

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