Mercer Unveils Manufacturing Data

October 22, 2008 ( - Mercer has just released its new Manufacturing module of the 2008 US Mercer Benchmark Database, which provides an overview of pay levels, trends, and practices for jobs in the manufacturing industry.

According to a Mercer news release, the module includes responses from more than 730 organizations reporting on compensation for more than 80,390 employees in 202 positions. The positions range from top level executives to assemblers and technicians.

2008 median total cash compensation (base pay plus short-term incentives) for top corporate manufacturing executive is $256,000, Mercer data showed. The median total cash compensation for some of the other highly populated positions in the module is as follows:

  • Engineering Manager, $114,500
  • Plant Manager (Single Facility),   $138,000
  • Production Manager, $80,700
  • Maintenance Supervisor, $66,600
  • Senior Machine Operator, $39,800

The US Mercer Benchmark Database consists of 13 modules with positions in 16 functional areas, including: administration, communication, corporate affairs, customer service, engineering, knowledge management, finance, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, marketing, quality, research and development, sales, supply and logistics, and top management.

The modules of the database are available individually or as a single, cross-functional database. More information is available at or at (800) 333-3070.