Merrill Lynch Ordered to Rehire Sexual Discrimination Victim

July 22, 2005 ( - An arbitration panel has ruled that Merrill Lynch & Co. must rehire Hydie Sumner, who won a gender discrimination suit against it in 2004, and pay her $303,000 in lost wages, Reuters reports.

Merrill Lynch is considering an appeal of the ruling, but said in a statement that the company has decided to pay the $303,000 and settle the pay dispute.

According to Reuters, Sumner claimed she had been subjected to repeated sexual harassment from men in the company’s San Antonio office, and was discriminated against with respect to promotion and salary. In April 2004, Sumner was awarded $2.2 million.

Merrill Lynch called the offensive behavior inexcusable and said, “That chapter does not reflect today’s Merrill Lynch,” according to Reuters.