Merrill Signs Up for K Plan Rollover Service

September 8, 2003 ( - Merrill Lynch has signed on for a Charlotte, North Carolina based service that provides 401(k) rollover options to plan participants.

According to a news release from RolloverSystems Inc., other financial institutions offering retirement investments through the RolloverMarket Network also include J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., TDWaterhouse Investor Services, and Harrisdirect.

Introduced in March, the RolloverSystems Network allows 401(k) plan participants to go online, fill out a form and receive multiple IRA offers. Using RolloverSystems’ technology, a participant can then choose an offer and complete all of the paperwork needed to effect the transfer of funds to the new IRA in as little as 25 minutes.

RolloverSystems is a provider of technology-based 401(k) rollover products and services for financial institutions and HR technology firms. For more information, go to .