MetLife Expands Financial Education Offering

June 9, 2011 ( - To meet the need of employees wanting more financial assistance from their employers, MetLife has expanded its workplace financial and retirement educational programs with the introduction of the PlanSmart series.

PlanSmart provides financial education to employees at no cost to the employer or employee, and it builds upon MetLife’s retirewise program. In addition to retirewise, the PlanSmart program includes workshops on managing credit, college funding, estate planning, financial solutions for families who care for dependents with special needs and more.   

After completion of the workshop, employees who want additional assistance are given the option to consult individually with a MetLife professional on site or in the convenience of their homes.   

According to a press release, PlanSmart also includes decision support assistance for employees faced with life changes and who may need education and guidance regarding their group life benefits. Transition Solutions aids employees who have a change in their group life coverage for any reason, such as retirement or leaving a company.   

Another valuable resource is access to MetLife’s Delivering The Promise program, where experienced MetLife professionals help beneficiaries work through claims and benefit issues following a death in the family.  

“PlanSmart addresses employees’ needs for objective, straightforward guidance to navigate personal financial challenges, from day-to-day ones like managing credit to meeting longer-term expenses and goals, such as planning for a child’s college education or for retirement,” said  Gary L. Simpson, vice president, MetLife, in the press release. “Workplace education opportunities like these help to foster a sense of ‘financial wellness’ among employees, which in turn contributes to a more dedicated and productive workforce.”