MetLife Unveils B/D Processing System

June 3, 2009 ( - The MetLife Broker-Dealer Group has launched an electronic business processing system for its broker-dealer operations known as eApp (electronic application) and eApp with electronic signature option.

A MetLife news release said eApp streamlines the application process by warehousing applicable business forms, making paper copies unnecessary. Registered representatives generally can eliminate the need to print an electronic form to capture a signature approval, the company said.

The system also performs systematic validation after the representative completes the electronic form, and immediately notifies the representative of missing information and provides limited suitability references, the news release said.

Additionally, eApp is also available on the Wealth Management Services (WMS) platform, MetLife Broker-Dealer Group’s proprietary investment advisory product platform, the company said.

To facilitate straight-through processing, MetLife Broker-Dealer Group integrated Interlink Electronics’ Electronic Signature solution into the eApp platform.

At the heart of the Electronic Signature functionality is Interlink’s IntegriSign Electronic Signature software: once a handwritten electronic signature is captured with Interlink’s ePad-ink signature capture device, IntegriSign permanently binds the Electronic Signature to the document, creating a secure and tamper-proof form that can then be electronically routed through the MetLife Broker-Dealer Group back office, the news announcement said.

eApp also offers the following functionalities, according to the press release:

  • Increase back-office efficiencies due to reductions in “not of good order” (NOGO) applications;
  • Ability to complete fillable forms online;
  • Automatic population of existing client information in forms to reduce redundancies;
  • Systematic population of client information across several forms eliminating the need to enter information multiple times;
  • Validating the forms for completeness and accuracy; in addition to providing the producer  suitability guidance before submission through the MetLife Broker-Dealer Group operations;
  • Securely, electronically signing documents with the Interlink solution gives representatives access to a straight-through process.