M&I: We're Now Roth Ready

December 23, 2005 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Marshall & Ilsley Trust Company has developed the new Roth 401(k) contribution feature for its 401(k) client base for 2006.

“M&I Trust forecasted and began building the processes necessary to offer the Roth 401(k) to our clients back in July,” said Mike Shlensky, vice president and director of transition services, M&I Trust, in a news release. “We preferred to take a proactive approach to educating our clients, gauging their interest in the Roth 401(k) and making the option available to their employees.”

In October, M&I launched an education campaign, which included client seminars, one-on-one client meetings, worksite employee seminars, Q&A collateral materials for sponsors and employees, an on-line calculator, and decision checklists designed to bring companies up-to-speed quickly.

In addition, M&I’s Web site and recordkeeping systems have been updated, including added functionality to track the first Roth contribution date and to recordkeep Roth contributions and rollovers separately.