Millennials Admit to Work Attitude Differences

November 29, 2011 ( - A poll of American workers, conducted by Workplace Options, shows a shared sentiment across age groups that Millennials (ages 18-29) have a distinct attitude toward workplace responsibility – one interpreted as largely lackadaisical.

Poll results show 77% of workers say Millennials have a different attitude toward workplace responsibility than workers of other age groups. Sixty-eight percent say Millennials are less motivated to take on responsibility and produce quality work compared to their counterparts.  

Nearly half (46%) of respondents think Millennials are less engaged at work than other employees.  

According to survey results, Millennials do not completely disagree with their colleagues’ overall assessment.  

Among only Millennial respondents, 59% agree their generation has a different attitude toward workplace responsibility than their peers. Fifty-five percent acknowledge workers of their generation are generally less motivated to take on more responsibility.  

More than one-third (34%) report Millennial workers are less engaged than older workers.  

“Compared to the results across all age groups, these self-assessments do not paint a completely different picture,” said Dean Debnam, CEO at Workplace Options. “Workplaces are currently going through a ‘changing of the guard’ with new technology and new ways of doing business being implemented every day. As these changes take place and Millennials grow into new roles that come with more senior responsibilities, these perceptions around attitudes and productivity will likely change across the board.”  

On a positive note, 78% of workers agree Millennials are more tech-savvy in the workplace than other generations, and 70% of all respondents (including 85% of Millennials) consider this technological edge to be an inherent career advantage.  

The national survey was conducted by the North Carolina firm of Public Policy Polling, September 8-11, among 637 working Americans.