More States Join Health Reform Legal Challenge

April 7, 2010 ( - Five more U.S. states will join a collective lawsuit challenging the new health reform law, Florida's attorney general said Wednesday.

According to Reuters, Indiana, North Dakota, Mississippi, Nevada, and Arizona have joined in the lawsuit, led by Florida, which claims the new law violates state-government rights in the U.S. Constitution and will force massive new spending on hard-pressed state governments.   

In announcing North Dakota’s partnership in the lawsuit, the state’s Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said: “The US Constitution grants enumerated and limited authority to the federal government. It may only act in areas that are specifically permitted. In enacting this legislation, Congress stretches its authority under the commerce clause beyond the limit.” (See ND Joins Lawsuit Challenging Health Reform)

The suit was originally filed by attorneys general in Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Michigan, Utah, Pennsylvania, Alabama, South Dakota, Idaho, Washington, Louisiana, and Colorado (see Obama Signs Health Reform and the Fight Begins).