Morningstar Introduces 529 Advisor

October 10, 2002 ( - Morningstar has a new product that could make it easier for financial advisors to pick the best 529 College Savings plan for their clients.

Available on  the company’s Web site for financial advisors , Morningstar said 529 Advisor includes:

  • exclusive built-in tax-benefit calculator for in-state programs
  • reports that offer a variety of information such as total returns, fees, Morningstar Ratings, portfolio and sector weightings, and asset allocation statistics on a plan’s funds
  • allows advisors to quickly screen Morningstar’s 529 database based on their specific search criteria
  • the Funding Forecaster, which takes a client’s investment amount, time horizon, and savings goal, and calculates the probability that a particular plan will meet the target. Returns for in-state plans are adjusted to reflect tax benefits
  • presents hypothetical reports that illustrate how recommended 529 plans would have fared in a variety of historical market conditions.