Morningstar Opens Performance DataLab

November 5, 2001( - Morningstar now offers asset managers, consultants and other investment professionals a new way to measure performance, following the launch of DataLab, an Internet-based investment research interface.

Morningstar DataLab, offered through the company’s Data Services group, delivers access to Morningstar’s proprietary historical database of managed investment products.

The product offers clients the ability to analyze thousands of discrete data points not found in any other Morningstar product, as well as tracking:

  • total returns,
  • standard deviation,
  • tax efficiency,
  • Morningstar Rating,
  • Morningstar Style Box,
  • sector weightings,
  • fees and expenses, and
  • manager information

Users can also screen and identify trends using a searchable and exportable historical database of performance, including:

  • custom time period calculations,
  • investment style, and
  • portfolio information such as complete holdings, stock statistics and regional exposure

They can also create blended benchmarks and user-defined peer groups among mutual funds and create reports based on rolling performance, peer group portfolio analysis, sectors and portfolio summaries.

Morningstar DataLab is available around the clock via any high-speed Internet connection. Data sets are refreshed daily or monthly as appropriate, and DataLab’s global interface will readily accommodate multinational data universes.