Morningstar Unveils New Diagnostic Fund Comparisons

November 22, 2002 ( - Morningstar will offer a new diagnostics and comparison tool to enhance its current mutual fund Quicktake reports.

Fund Diagnostics will provide comparisons to specific data points for the approximately 13,000 mutual funds Morningstar tracks.  

Diagnostics and comparisons will be available for measurement categories, such as:

  • Performance – comparing a specific fund’s performance to other funds in its category.
  • Morningstar Rating and Risk – Morningstar’s “star rating” will be utilized to measure a fund’s returns relative to its volatility
  • Expense ratio – comparison of expense ratio in context to its holdings
  • Management – comparison of a fund’s management tenure to that of its peers
  • Morningstar Style Box – clarification on how a fund’s holdings can affect performance and make-up
  • Sector Breakdown – insight into the fund’s sector exposure with comparisons to the S&P 500 Index and other funds within its category
  • Asset Allocation – examination of a fund’s concentration of holdings in cash, equities, foreign stocks and bonds
  • Percent of Assets in the Top 10 – examination of how much of a fund’s top 10 stock positions make up the entire fund’s composition.

Investors can access the new Fund Diagnostics tool through .   This enhancement will be offered free for a limited time; afterwards, Fund Diagnostic will be available to Morningstar Premium members.