Most Companies Putting Stock in Options: Survey

August 12, 2002 ( - The use of company stock compensation is "thriving" among US employers, according to an industry group report.

WorldatWork reported that out of the more than 2,800 companies polled, 57.8% continue using stock-based compensation – up from the 55.9% in 2001.

Interestingly enough, while the application of options as a benefit was relatively uniform across all regions, the central region was noticeably lower.  Still, that region reflected a 57.3% utilization.  Among other regions:

  • Eastern Region – 62.9%
  • Southern Region – 63.9%
  • Western Region — 62.5%

WorldatWork said the stock option programs increasingly include a performance component saying an employee won’t receive the options unless his work is deemed up to snuff.

About a third of respondents said moving to this performance-based options award was their biggest options change, WorldatWork said.