Nebraska Man Ordered to Pay Back $246,000 in Pension Payments

October 29, 2007 ( - A judge in Omaha, Nebraska has ordered that a man return pension payments that was mistakenly deposited in his mother's account after she died, the Associated Press reported.

According to the news report, Peter Brinker must pay back about $246,000 to the Omaha Public Schools (OPS). Brinker’s mother, Winifred, worked as a fifth-grade school teacher and retired in 1980, after 17 years.

Her pension from OPS averaged about $6,000 a year, and when she died in 1988, the district continued to funnel payments into her account until it discovered the mistake in April.

The district then filed a lawsuit to recover the retirement money. Judge Gary Randall ruled that Brinker’s son would have to repay the full pension payments plus interest.