Networking Specialists Still a 'Hot Job'

January 4, 2002 ( - Demand for technology workers may have slacked off after the boom in the nineties, but human resources professionals should still be keeping their eyes out for networking specialists,

Networking is the skill most in demand by America’s chief information officers (CIOs), according to a new report.

In the semi-annual RHI Consulting Hot Jobs Report,

  • some 18% of information technology (IT) executives said networking is the fastest-growing job specialty within their departments,
  • Internet and intranet development acme in second, receiving 14% of the response,
  • data or database management ranked third with 12%,
  • applications development was cited by 11% of the sample, and
  • help desk support was next, with 9% of the vote

The Hot Jobs Report tracks job growth in information technology through a survey of more than 1,400 CIOs. The CIOs were polled