New Fund Claims to Navigate Current Market Storm

June 23, 2009 ( - Cogo Wolf Asset Management, a global, multi-asset alternative investment firm, announced the launch of the Cogo Wolf Trimaran Liquidity Fund, a highly liquid fund of hedge funds designed to help institutional and private investors navigate the current global investing storms.

Managed by Co-CIOs and Managing Partners Christopher R. Wolf and Giles Conway-Gordon, the Trimaran Liquidity Fund targets 16% -18% net return with expected volatility of 6%-8% without the use of leverage, according to the announcement. The Trimaran Fund has been designed to provide Alpha with non-correlation and liability protection including:  Ultra Liquidity (monthly liquidity, 10-day notice with no lock-up, no gate, no redemption penalties and complete transparency); Flexibility (all underlying investments are ultra liquid, permitting rapid, opportunistic responses to global volatility and market uncertainty); and Stability (diversification). 

The Trimaran Fund invests in:

  • Managed Futures, Global Macro, CTAs and other ultra liquid strategies which have low/negative correlation to equity markets;
  • ETFs enabling narrow and controlled directionality as a proxy for direct hedge fund investing; and
  • Debt-Related Instruments, notably mispriced credit opportunities offering attractive returns and gains. 

“Trimaran is designed as a remedy for sophisticated institutional and private investors who are ready to redeploy capital but need new assurances to do so,” stated Wolf, in the announcement.

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