New Online Tool Allows Anyone to Compare Plans

April 30, 2009 ( - AtPrime Media, Inc., the sponsor of the @Prime! Pension Inspector, a consumer and professional online tool for determining the financial performance of Qualified Retirement Plans, has announced a new service, "Compare and Rank" Online Service, previously unavailable to the general public.

Developed by retirement plan technical experts, the @Prime! Pension Inspector “Compare and Rank” is a new software product which enables the user to compare and rank plan earnings, expenses, balance sheet items, plan income, and funding ratios with other qualified retirement plans from official Form 5500 tax returns, as well as, recognized financial market performance indexes, according to a press release.

Once the user completes the initial query, the user has the option of adding multiple reports combined into a printable “Plan Report Card.” Every “Compare and Rank” query is developed based upon industry, location, Zip Code, size, or plan features. In addition, the announcement said, plan earnings each year are compared automatically with five stock and five bond indexes which are graphically displayed.

“For the first time anyone can “Compare and Rank” any Qualified Retirement Plan that files the required Form 5500 Tax Return, from the Plan Participant, Plan Administrator to Government Agencies, in order to measure plan strengths and weaknesses, as well as to prepare for a plan audit or to strengthen year-to-year performance,” said David Tananbaum, founder of AtPrime Media, Inc., and the author-developer of the @Prime! Pension Inspector, in the announcement.

The @Prime! Pension Inspector was launched in November 2007, as a free Web service, utilizing the United States Department of Labor’s official Form 5500 database and will remain a free service through its Standard Edition. The @Prime! Pension Inspector “Compare and Rank” is a subscription service selling for $99 per year for a Personal license, and, $199 per year for a Professional license.

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