New Relius Version Only Requires PC, Internet Hook-up

December 15, 2003 ( - In order to access the latest version of SunGard Corbel's Relius Administration recordkeeping system, plan sponsors only need a computer, a printer and a high-sped Internet connection, SunGard Corbel announced.

According to a news release, the Application Service Provider (ASP) version involves SunGard Corbel hosting the database server, the Participant and Plan Sponsor Web servers and the Voice Response servers at its Jacksonville, Florida data center facility.  

SunGard Corbel claimed the new product lessens a client’s technology overhead and expense and does away with hardware maintenance and IT infrastructure requirements such as maintaining backup systems, data backups, offsite storage and disaster recovery plans.

Because the system runs around the clock, it eliminates the downtime for equipment and software upgrades, the announcement said.   Each client database is kept separate for security reasons and there is no limit to the number of plans or lives that can be maintained, according to SunGard Corbel.