New York Life Online Portal First Step in Staples' Personnel System

June 7, 2001 ( - The 55,000 employees of office-supply retailer Staples will eventually be able to go online to check any facet of their relationship with the company - from retirement benefits to training courses.

A newly redesigned Web portal between Staples’ current system and that of retirement plan provider New York Life Benefit Services (NYLB), is the first step in the Framingham, MA-based company’s long-range online plan, Staples’ Benefits Director Nancy Lazgin, told

The NYLIB portal announced Thursday uses Staples’ logo, corporate colors, and style. That consistent graphic look will be one key to the success of Staples’ ultimate personnel system, according to Lazgin. The reason: many Staples employees still fear surfing the Web.

“With the same look and feel, people will have ready access and will be more comfortable using the Web site,” Lazgin said. “I have to say that I personally am not all that much of a techie. For me to have something I can use very easily, I’m more apt to do so.”

Client Demand

NYLIB president Thomas Clough said other clients have also asked for the same entryway with Clough’s system. He said some plan sponsors fear that participants may misidentify an outside service provider such as New York Life as the retirement plan sponsor.

 “We’re creating a custom look and feel to a Web site so a plan participant can feel like their in the same company’s overall Intranet,” Clough said. “We’re providing a set of resources that work together with a client’s whole employee benefits package.”

As part of NYLIB’s overall technology upgrade, NYLIB has also redesigned Client Access, its Web site for plan sponsors, and Benefits Complete, its participant site.

The redesign includes new navigation that better organizes the functionality offered by the sites. In addition, individual pages have been redesigned for better clarity.