PWBA Offers Timely Help on Late Contributions

August 1, 2002 ( - The Department of Labor's Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration (PWBA) has published some additional guidance on how plan sponsors can right transactional errors regarding delinquent contributions.

Norwood Breaks Ranks over Patients Bill of Rights

June 13, 2001 ( - A day before senior administration officials were scheduled to meet with the chief sponsors of a patients' bill of rights, Representative Charlie Norwood (R - Georgia) broke ranks with President Bush in support of the legislation opposed by the White House after attempts at a compromise stalled.

Employer Must Cover Birth Control

June 13, 2001 ( - A federal judge has ruled that Seattle-based drugstore chain Bartell Drug must include contraceptives for women in its employee health insurance plan -- the first federal setback to employers who don't cover birth control.

Rainbow Room Waiters Lose Court Battle on Tips

April 1, 2002 ( - Waiters at New York's famous Rainbow Room are legally considered independent contractors so they're not entitled to a cut of the restaurant's service-charge income for banquets, a New York judge ruled.

Pension Liabilities Loom Large in US Budget

April 1, 2002 ( - The US government owes a great deal to its workers - $3.6 trillion to cover pension, disability and health care costs for civilian and federal retired employees and veterans. A figure that now exceeds the oft-debated $3.3 trillion federal debt.

High Court Doesn't Decide Florida Age Case

April 1, 2002 ( - US Supreme Court justices changed their mind about a Florida age discrimination case, saying they will not decide the issue on its merits even though they have already heard arguments from the lawyers.

Meatpacker Sued for Hiring Bias

April 1, 2002 ( - The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is suing a Chicago meatpacking company for allegedly discriminating in its hiring of African-American job candidates.

EEOC Goes Postal

April 1, 2002 ( - Under the US Postal Service (USPS)'s new dispute resolution initiative, virtually all requests for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hearings on discrimination cases will first go through mediation.

Treasury Cautions on Company Stock Caps

March 1, 2002 ( - A new Treasury Department report predicts administrative headaches and possible stock market disruptions if Congress imposes limits on how much company stock participants can have in their accounts.

Bush Pushing Social Security Investment Plan

March 1, 2002 ( - For the second time in as many days, President Bush pushed the notion of allowing Americans workers to invest part of their Social Security accounts in the stock market.

Bush Unveils Pension Proposal

February 1, 2002 ( - Drawing an analogy between a new era of individual and corporate responsibilities, President George W. Bush today unveiled a new series of pension proposals.

COBRA Rights OK if Employer Acts In Good Faith

February 1, 2002 ( - Companies don't have be certain that former employees receive notice of their medical benefits rights under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) as long as they try in good faith to deliver the notice, a federal appeals court ruled.