RICO Claims in NYLife Case Dismissed

April 4, 2001 ( - The US District Court in Philadelphia dismissed significant portions of a lawsuit against New York Life that challenged the investment of employee and agent pension plan assets in the company's proprietary mutual funds.

Fed Pension Law Suit Advances

April 4, 2001 ( - A federal judge has allowed a group of past and present employees of the Federal Reserve to continue with a lawsuit against their employer.

SEC Orders More Trade Disclosure

November 15, 2000 ( - The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) today unanimously approved new rules that require brokers and markets to disclose more information about their trade execution practices.

Pension Vote Nears, But Which Version?

October 15, 2000 ( - With several versions of H.R. 1102, the pension reform bill, before Congress this week, observers are wondering which version the legislators will accept.

Workforce Committee Approves Boehner Bill

October 3, 2001 ( - The Education & the Workforce Committee of the House of Representatives today approved the Retirement Security Advice Act, H.R. 2269, sponsored by committee chairman John Boehner (R- Ohio), by a bipartisan vote of 29-17.

AMT Tax Relief Bill Introduced

August 3, 2001 ( - Congress is considering legislation giving tax relief to workers faced with huge tax bills after exercising stock option grants last year.

Catholic Charities Must Offer Contraception Coverage

July 3, 2001 ( - The California Court of Appeals has denied a petition by Catholic Charities of Sacramento that would allow the group to exclude prescription contraceptive coverage from its employee health benefits plan.

Court: Options Same as Pensions in Divorce

May 3, 2001 - ( - The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that unvested stock options should be treated the same as unvested pensions when dividing marital property in a divorce.

Contraception Coverage May Be Required

December 14, 2000 ( - Plan sponsors may need to rethink their current health coverage under a new federal ruling. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that excluding contraceptives from health coverage when other preventative treatments are covered violates federal law.

Pan Am Pensioners Prevail In PBGC Action

November 2, 2001 ( -The Second US Court of Appeals has cleared the way for the Association of Former Pan Am Employees (AFPAE) to bring suit against the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) as the trustee of the late Pan American World Airways five pension plans.

Pension Reform On Hold

November 14, 2000 ( - In the midst of an uncertain election outcome, a lame duck congressional session and President Clinton's Asian visit, congressional leaders have opted to put off consideration of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2000 until after Thanksgiving.

PWBA Brings Together Job Loss Benefits Info

October 2, 2001 ( - The Labor Department's Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration is offering American workers information that could help them protect their benefits during layoffs and "dislocations."

MSA Adoption Well Short of "Target"

October 2, 2001 ( - Medical savings accounts will continue to be available through 2002, since the number of MSA returns filed is far short of the target set for the end of the pilot program.

Bush, Norwood Reach Agreement on PBOR

August 2, 2001 ( ? President Bush and Representative Charles Norwood (R-Georgia) say they have reached agreement on the approach for the passage of a patients' bill of rights in the House ? but not everyone agrees with their conclusion.

Participant Advice Bill Passes Subcommittee

August 2, 2001 ( - Broader access to participant investment advice took another step forward Thursday, as the Employer-Employee Relations (EER) Subcommittee approved the Retirement Security Advice Act (HR 2269).

Senate Passes PBOR, But?

July 2, 2001 ( ? The Senate got to go home for the Fourth of July recess, having passed the amended McCain-Kennedy-Edwards patients' bill of rights by a 59-36 margin on Friday. But President Bush still has concerns, and the House will still get its chance to craft a solution.

REFORM READY? House Committee Approves Pension Reform Bill

July 14, 2000 ( - The House Ways and Means Committee has approved the Comprehensive Retirement Security and Pension Reform Act. The bill, which now goes to the full House, is widely supported by employer groups and providers. But critics say it's a Robin Hood in reverse.