Non-Profits/Religious Organizations Make Use of Advisers

March 8, 2011 ( – PLANSPONSOR’s 2010 DC Survey finds non-profits and religious organizations are in the top 50% of industries that use retirement plan advisers.

According to an aiResearch Industry Report, more than two-thirds (67.8%) of non-profit and religious organizations use the services of a financial adviser for their retirement plan. Forty-four percent of those organizations said financial or investment advice is offered to participants through their plan’s adviser.  

More than half (51.5%) of non-profit and religious organizations said their source of insight or guidance on the funds in their plan is their financial adviser.  

The majority (55.6%) said adviser fees are based on a percent of plan assets, while 19.8% said they pay a monthly or annual retainer.   

The report also offers benchmarks on plan features and participation. For this or other industry reports, contact Michelle Judkins at