Northern Trust Taps new Transition Trading Head

May 6, 2002 ( - Northern Trust Global Investments has tapped Angela Figg as Head of Transition Trading.

The Transition Services Group provides services related to the restructuring of portfolios for investors, including plan sponsors, when there is a change in investment managers or asset allocation strategy.

Transition Tracking

There are two main components to execution costs – commissions and market impact. There is also a cost to the time component of executing a trade, which also can be measured. While plan sponsors generally have been aware of commission costs, but traditionally market impact was difficult to measure – despite the fact that it tends to dwarf commission costs. Institutional commission rates very widely, but rarely exceed seven cents a share.

Figg was previously vice president, trading, for Credit Suisse Asset Management in New York, where she was the sole program trader for $5.5 billion of structured equity and select economic value products, as well as convertible bonds, according to Northern Trust.

Prior to that she was senior vice president, head of trading, for Investment Research Company. Figg began her career with Harris Investment Management in Chicago as senior equity trader for the $6 billion Harris Insight Funds portfolios.

She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from Michigan State University.

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