May 17, 2001 - Yesterday we noted the dilemma of plan sponsors and providers alike -- why don't participants -- at least large numbers of them -- take advantage of investment advice? Realizing that the reasons can be as diverse as the individual participants themselves, our readers were --as usual --most generous in the response.

Nearly 22% chose a category we didn’t even offer (and we provided EIGHT), which we have summed up as either too lazy and/or not enough time to plan for retirement. Granted, those can be very different motivations, but overall the sense was that individual participants are not making –or taking — the time to attend to this very important area.

A close second opinion (19%) suggested that participants don’t know HOW to use online investment advice. However, we should also note that an number of readers suggested that this was not because they hadn’t been shown how — in some cases multiple times.

Just behind was 18% who felt that when it comes to investment advice, people were typically going to be more comfortable dealing with people –people they trusted, rather than relying on online tools.

A surprisingly large 14.5% opined that participants weren’t using advice because they didn’t know they had access to advice, and more than 10% said that participants really didn’t have access to advice, either because their employer didn’t offer it, or because the participant lacked convenient access to the Internet.

Nearly 8% said the cost was too high, 5% said it was because participants didn’t think they needed advice and the remaining (roughly 4%) said that participants had been paralyzed with too many choices (another “original” option).

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