Office Dating Game Divides Employers

November 8, 2002 ( - While only 3% of companies forbid office relationships, many others have some set of standard for amorous employees, according to an HRnext online poll.

When HR professonials were asked about their company’s attitude to intraoffice dating, they responded:

  • 45%-“we set boundaries on it”
  • 31%-“jeez, let people have some fun”
  • 11%-“we’re afraid to set rules”
  • 10%-“I want rules but the higher-ups don’t
  • 3%-“we strictly forbid it”

“What this poll could not tell us is how this issue has changed over time. Our suspicion is that the number of companies with no-dating policies has declined significantly in the last 30 years, as the percentage of women in the workforce has increased, and more and more romantic relationships start at work”, said HRnext President John Brady on the results of the survey.

The survey was conducted online at and their sister site during the week of October 21 st .   The results are based on answers provided by 729 participants.